photovoltaic display

External real-time Modbus TCP (WiFi) display for Huawei SUN2000 and FRONIUS GEN24 inverters and all balcony plants.

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Features & Specifications

  • Huawei SUN2000 and LUNA2000 compatible
  • Fronius GEN24, Symio, ... and all API V1 compatible inverters
  • Supports hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants and balcony power plants
  • Surplus controller for Shelly and myStrom switches
  • Surplus controller for go-e wallbox charger
  • No internet connection required
  • User interface and manuals in german and english

More Features & Specifications

  • Bright and colorful 2" touchdisplay
  • Most elegat and beautiful design
  • up to 2 hours battery backup
  • 8 MB PSRAM, 16 MB Flash
  • WIFI connection
  • Magnetic back plate
  • USB-C Powered (optional backside power supply)
  • Integrated web server for data delivery

There's more to the than you think

  • With the magnetic back or the included Velcro pads, the can be attached anywhere. At just 54x54x16 mm it fits most standard switch programs.
  • Operation via USB-C, 5V flush-mounted power supply and with integrated battery. Individual configuration is child's play via micro SD card with any PC, MAC or Linux computer. New USB config tool for Windows.
  • You can also use the for your balcony power plant without a HUAWEI or FRONIUS inverter. It also supports the myStrom WiFi Switch and Shelly switching and measuring actuators.
  • The can be taken anywhere, installed anywhere and you can always see your energy yield everywhere. Thanks to the integrated battery, you can use your mobile for several hours. The is also suitable for continuous operation with the USB-C power supply and can also optionally be operated from the rear using 5 volts (flush-mounted power supplies available in the shop).
  • The "config tool" for Windows 10/11 is delivered with every new on the SD card and makes it easier to create the configuration file.
  • Excess control with the PLUS version and Shelly, myStrom or go-e Wallbox (only available for Huawei). Also works hand in hand with BOPV.Info and Several (different) devices can also be operated in parallel.

"The world's first photovoltaic Web-APP that runs on Apple, Windows, Android, Linux and even on the new Polestar car display."

BOPV.App Polestar Edition

  • Free of charge for all users
  • 4 different user interfaces (light, dark, polestar, uno)
  • Application for Android, iOs, Windows, Apple and any device with a web browser
  • Displays the data of the on the go
  • World's first photovoltaic web APP for Polestar
  • This allows the go-e wallbox to be controlled directly in the vehicle Demo

The all-in-one carefree packages

Scope of delivery:

- 2" Display with Touchbuttons
- newest firmware (STANDARD or PLUS)
- Black USB-C Power Cable (USB A > C)
- White USB-C Power Cable (USB A > C)
- microSD card
- microSD card reader
- Velcro tape
- practical storage box

Bundles available: HUAWEI € 199,00 FRONIUS € 199,00 BALCONY only € 119,00 HUAWEI PLUS from € 239,00

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Items are in stock. Europe-wide delivery in 2-3 days.

Supportet Invertes and other Devices

Huawei Inverters (SDongleA05 only):

- HUAWEI SUN2000-12/15/17/20KTL-M0
- HUAWEI SUN2000 3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1
- HUAWEI SUN2000-12/15/17/20/30/36/40/50/60KTL-M2

Fronius Inverters with V1 API:

- FRONIUS Hybrid since firmware version 1.2.1-X
- FRONIUS Non Hybrid since firmware version 3.3.9-X

E3DC Hauskraftwerk:

- Exclusively at your E3DC specialist dealer (from Q4/2024)

Electric Car Wallbox:

- GO-E Charger Gemini flex 11 kW
- GO-E Charger Gemini flex 22 kW
- GO-E Charger Gemini 11 kW
- GO-E Charger Gemini 22 kW


Room Temperature, Switching and Energy Measurement :

- myStrom WiFi Switch

Switching and Energy Measurement:

- Shelly Plug S
- Shelly PLUS Plug S
- Shelly PRO 1/2 (channel 0)
- Shelly PRO 3 (channel 0)
- Shelly PRO 4PM (channel 0)

Other PLUS and PRO could theoretically also work. Please try it out. But no guarantee of functionality.

Future expansions:

- Other inverter brands if the manufacturers collaborate (inquiries welcome)
- Ideas from users are always welcome.


- not usable with Huawei Charger
- not usable with EMMA

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